$OBTC Wow! A lot of noobs and mindless (mostly immature pajama wearing basement dwelling) pumpers here, and a few paid trolls to even out the balance… Can’t say, I’m surprised. Still, only a complete m0r0n 🥴 would buy into $OBTC at this level seeing that even with the recent pullback, it’s still trading with a premium around 30%, or nearly 2.5x that of $GBTC. Meaning, that it’s comparable to someone going shopping with the added intent of automatically overpaying +30% on everything they want to purchase. And that’s INSANE to put it mildly; either that or the purchaser should have their IQ tested daily… Basically, for those too lazy or mathematically challenged to do their own DD, this would need sell-off by at least another -17% (-$4) to even be considered a buy when compared to $GBTC at this stage. ospreyfunds.io/products/ grayscale.co/bitcoin-trust/