$SCYX $SCYX So much negativity here. We haven't even seen a full data readout from our first P3 trial. Sure other companies have deals with P2 data but I'm sure you get much more lucrative deals once you've been de-risked and have a full P3 data readout. In the short term look away. we are in tax selling season now, without any news we will slide till mid-January. (bullish twist save your money scyx may be on sale again soon) Future Catalysts: P3 AVVC USA (Full Data Readout Q4 2019-Q1 2020) P3 FURI (Interim Analysis Q1 2020) P3 AVVC Global (Data Q2 2020) P2 SCYNERGIA September 2020 (Data Q4 2020) NDA Late 2020 (2H) P3 RVVC June 2021 (Data Q2-3 2021) SNDA Late 2021 (2H) Other Possible Bullish News: LPAD IV reformulation CARES update Partnerships Acquisition Non-dilutive fundraising CEO Marco has spent 1.5 million dollars buying shares on the public market and has an average of $2.85. Lots of smart people on the scyx board who have lead companies through buyouts.
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