$VHC@Ultra1988 @The_0racle Here is an absurd post: "neals lawsuit is bull shit."--- so much so that VHC has asked for its dismissal :) and the Complaint is accurate!!! so what is BS??? Nada. It is sound and sane. Half these people blasting this stock have a different username than they had in March.--- ??? and you know that how??? Neals is the same--- NO he has no shame in what he does.--- shame??? I have been with this thing since 8-11 before 60!!! He deserves credit for that.--- YOU are silly. VHC is all about winning against Apple right now, any other points of topic are irrelevant.---OK. It is all about Apple $ and nada mas. They are going to win in October--- OK. And I have said stock may pop: sell immediately!!! :) there will be an appeal or several and they will win next year.--- So? How much $? What is the market cap with 70 million shares? Don’t buy after it has already gone up, sell when it pops.--- OK. That's right. Or hold long term---NO. There is NO other news. Neal