$AZUL Ok guys , option trading question for ya. So I had AZUL a few weeks back and sold it at a lose on TD Amer. Just did a call option at 12.50 strike price for 24 day expiration at 1.84$ a share. I was up until the market closed then the value per share dropped to 1.65$ Why am I at a lose, I heard that the IRS reinvest my loses into the same stock if I reinvest. Is that what’s going on ?
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@Benfica88 You also took a significant risk by buying July $AZUL call options. Tourism in Brazil opens on 1st of July. I entered August 21 call option at 6.435, but it fell to 5.25, before recovering to 6.3. I advise you to take a longer expiration option to give your stock the opportunity to run.