$W $W Ellen Degen Is A WELL Known Player in The PEDO Scene . Tom Hanks- Andy Dick, HArvey Weinstein was A Model citizen Compared To What is about to be revealed. You Guys know That Jack Dorsey Wrote the Code for Twitter? You can Go On twitter right now & string together hashtags & see Child rape, pre-pubescent masturbation etc. I have seen it with my own eyes(PEDO-HUNTERS). The Q anon movement that is "dangerous" Can be removed but Not the Pedophile stuff? You better start asking yourself WHO Q is dangerous to? The oligarch blackmail-pedo - deep State complex is about to be smashed into 1000 pieces . Wayfair , Goldman, twitter, Disney & many others will be put into receivership & stripped of ALL assets. You Know Prince allaweed is largest holder of Twitter? No Age of consent in Saudi Arabia(before the mass arrests in 2017).. You Are watching a movie that Wayfair is playing a key Role..... The ROLE of public Co that trafficked children, Had the entire system come to its defense & t
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