$NAKD 🔥 Folks, many quote a VALUATION of $1B based on Cenntro Electric Group’s number of outstanding shares & current value per share (see MarketWatch picture below). But that tells nothing about the real value of Cenntro, the 32% of which NAKD shareholders own. Until Cenntro’s true value is factored in, the available float is just worth $270M post RS. The Cenntro VALUATION must be based on this: The value of all material assets (factories, robots, machines, parts & vehicles). All cash minus liabilities. All intellectual property like patents (239) on chips, autonomous tech & APPs, all other systems, methods. The value of all partnerships, deals, sales/service systems, shipping systems, Channel Partners etc. Projected sales numbers (like 78K vehicles for 2023). And not to forget the continuing brand value of 4000+ vehicles on the streets as of NOW ! (competition in the ECV sector has few or nothing on streets yet). What do you honestly think all this is worth in multiple billions ?