$AMD I still believe that this run is from trade news. The reason why I said I do not expect much from new product release today is because of the fact that AMD is on schedule for the releases. That means the products would be estimated into next quarter’s forecast and 2020 guidance; but that was just inline. The idea of “fastest and best” titles are silly because each new products are expected to be faster than the last, why else release them? That’s why I always state the importance of looking at guidance and forecast. My put entries at 36.96$ is based on the fact I think recent run doesn’t support next quarter’s guidance and I expect this to retrace back. If company raises guidance and outlook based on customer response on new products, I will definitely add calls as I expect this to hit 38$+ and cover short positions. Bearish for now thou and in on puts with profits from yesterday on the way down.
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