$LTMCF PART 2 OF 2: Let's assume half of that is representativeof the test well. One hectare is 10,000 square meters. The aquifer is 120 meters thick. Lastly, there are 1,000 liters in a cubic meter. 11,500 x 10,000 x 120 x 1,000 x 0.25 = 3,450,000,000,000 liters in the aquifer. There's 1 x e-9 mg per tonne. To convert liters to ton based on LI concentration, our basis is 3,450. Multiply that by the LI concentration and you get the potential resource in the ground. To be conservative, assume 300 mg per l of LI in the brine aquifer. That's 1,035,000 tonnes. Multiply that by the going rate of $30,000 per tonne and we're sitting on $31b. But don't forget, we'll only own 80% of the resource, so that puts us down to $24.84b. Recall this is assuming half the land area is representative of the test hole site, so it could be double or a smaller fraction. Please feel free to double check my numbers and logic. I'm curious on your take, whether bullish or bearish.