When you write a thesis with no facts , that's a telltale sign of šŸ‚ šŸ’©
$FAMI OK FAMILY. I truly believe something bigger is brewing for Farmmi. 6 institutions have massively loaded up last week. ā€¢ I have speculations of a possible merger happening. This is just my opinion, but their expansion to Biotech/Pharma branches and NOV 5 acquisition in correlation to the mushroom boom/ US Phase 1 testing for mushroom COVID cure is nothing to overlook. Not to mention they're killing it with the sales, expanding to North America and getting multiple certifications the last month. 3 Catalysts to look forward to: ā€¢ Nov 30 180 day NASDAQ extension ā€¢ Dec 20 Extraordinary Meeting ā€¢ Undeniable ER anytime between now and January.
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