$GRTS Understanding Gritstone’s KRAS data—A long thread Today Gritstone released a first glimpse of their SLATE V2 target KRAS mutation in NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer), specifically patient S31. This has many implications and imo further de-risk their neoantigen cancer vaccines platform. But first, one must has some basic understandings of NSCLC and what KRAS mutation is. NSCLC is stratified in initial therapy in to two groups based on their tumor expressions: those that has less than 50% PD-L1 expression and those that has more than 50% PD-L1 expressions. PD-L1 here refers to the famous checkpoint inhibitor cancer drugs on the market that release T-cells to kill cancer cells. This is why you see Gritstone’s patients group have always treated with PD-L1 previously and the disease progresses again (PD-L1 stopped working).
Finally get to sit down and review Mirati data. My thought is that Gritstone, when collect enough sample size, can outdo them..