$MAR $CCL $SPY $BABA I’m worried what coming next week. Lots of rent due first week of April. I work at Marriott and management said to only pay bank loan payment and hold all bills. Including water and electricity. Management has three hotels and they’re withholding franchise fee as well. We’ll not get charged late fees for paying $PCG and franchis fee. But I can tell you $MAR will not get the $28,000 check that was due this past week. And revenue for March is damn low. Similar to roach motel. Next month revenue is zilch. Hotel industry revenues may fall more than 60-70 percent. Can’t afford to pay rent let alone vendor bills. And market is up 20%? Either everything is fine and dandy or this week was the biggest baddest bull trap of the millennium. Unemployment numbers come April 3rd.
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