You're wrong. they did tweet about disney. they have an office in shanghai so the CEO is just fine in vegas. I know for a fact we have disney but you will just have to wait and see i guess
$MARK I've seen a lot of people posting about Disney. To be honest, I don't think we have Disney. I mean, they tweeted news about Disney considering thermal as "check it out, it is a booming market". But think about it, everywhere MARK is landing new deals there's a tweet saying "going live", "helping open". Of the prospects we dream of, Disney would be in fact the most exciting brand to work with and Remark doesn't tweet about it? The CEO is not there during implementation/opening? (He also checks-in on instagram and he's all over Vegas). We've got Wynn, maybe Cosmo, two important malls and maybe some other small businesses like restaurants. We are somewhere in Japan since they said "going live in Japan" (hoping Rakuten). Also we are in schools and farms in China and a big contract with China Mobile (shared with Havron). But Disney, nah, I wouldn't bet my investment into that rumor there's no substantial evidence at all. Manage your expectations, I'm long too, been for a while.
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@michaelb2008 Would be helpful if you share the facts. I've seen camera comparisons, interface comparisons, but nothing as close as a fact. This is the tweet about Disney, very ambiguous, it feels like a "industry post" not a soon-to-be a customer post like the others.