$SRNE Consider this possible scenario: (a) The Administration is hesitant to invest BARDA dollars in a small and perceived riskier company like Sorrento, compared to the Big Pharmas. (b) Big Pharma companies (Lilly, Regeneron, Moderna, J&J, etc.) are reluctant to pay well to buy out much smaller Sorrento. (c) To get around this, the Administration gives a huge grant to a Big Pharma company (billions of dollars) with the unwritten understanding that they will buy out Sorrento with a big chunk of that money, to help find a cure for Covid-19. So the Administration is not perceived as risking taxpayer money on a small company, AND the Big Pharma company gets Sorrento "for free," since it was, in effect, bought with government grant money. And Sorrento shareholders are the ones that end up with a lucrative buyout with the BARDA funding that Sorrento itself was never able to get. Thoughts?
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