$NILE businesswire.com/news/home/... Ownership in $MULN $ALZN 38 million last quarter, projected 155 million 100% ownership of 617 000 data center with 130 million in assets in bitcoin mining! 500 million in assets total marketcap 70 million! Own 100% of Turn on green ev charging and installation company! Owns 5 hotels! Military defense! LENDING company! All 38 million for the quarter came from other holdings, not mining! 20000 miners EOY will produce aprox 150-200 million in revenue! TODD bought on 2 dollars, and then in march bought again! 50 million dollare share buyback! Quiet period ends may 20-23! After that, you are IN or OUT! Miss the boat! 2-4 dollars EOY, now 0.25