Oh man this is some next level tokenomics. That money in your mattress is worthless in a fire. But sure, if you never spend it, well, I guess it’s priceless? New investors (or rather speculators - because that’s what crypto is) should consider - if this does gain, what can I do with it? Am I really willing to wind up with something literally programmed to make everything cost more? Are retailers really interested in everything they sell actually netting them 10% less? Who wants to trade on an exchange that makes every trade cost 20% more? It isn’t in “your mind.” It’s coded into the coin. These are real questions.
$SAFEMOON.X the new investors should read a little bit about the psychology of investing before putting money into something it should be mandatory. Everything is psychological in your mind and you only lose money if you press the sell button the graph and the price doesn't matter all that matters is you don't press sell when you are down and you haven't lost a single penny
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