$RGBP check out $SGSI - Market cap of $8m - Merged with highwire networks which does $50-$60m in revenue by end of year - Earnings per share of $2.13, which will go up after Q3 released in October - Float of 21m, very low float. We all know how these things move and OS is 31m - $4.8m cash on hand, half the market cap. Incredible undervalued - Great management, all can be found on LinkedIn - Ticker change from $SGSI to $HWNI, expected by end of week - Had several partnerships with big companies like Sentinelone which is currently at $61 and MC of $15B, also partnered up with Extrahop which was acquired for $900m a few months ago - $2.7m debt wiped off balance, which was the closing merger agreement - Current share price is 0.26, highly undervalued. All technicals indicate a buy rating - Their overwatch cybersecurity signed a record number of customers up 2700% year on year