$INO Still holding my 11,973 shares. I'm not selling 1 share. I'm confident. I believe this will 3x when sp hits 30+ in the next 3-6 months. Waiting on DOD and INO to announce how many BILLIONS OF $ DOD is paying for 100's of millions of doses on INO-4800 AND INO-4700 šŸ’„ I was very confident DOD is behind INO all summer long. I posted it here many times.. I'm just as confident DOD will be paying BILLIONS for INO-4800 in The next 3-6 months šŸ’„
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@obx4me i want to believe that could be true but everyday/week getting harder and harder. Sick of the bullsh*t conspiracy possibilities and silence from the company.
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@Tznutz I mean they announced on monday DOD is paying up ! Repeat. DOD IS PAYING. Only question is when and how much. And they contract Ology for what 167 million doses. Look here - DOD shows us whos is manufacturing what.
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