$HSDT VERY HOT STOCK ALERT FOR THURSDAY - HOT HOT HOT ALERT. FRIENDS I HAVE FOLLOWED HELIOUS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES SINCE THEIR FOUNDING. THEY HAVE GONE AS HIGH IN FIVE YEARS AS $15.00 PER SHARE. (Stock Symbol HSDT). Presently they are in a steep pull back and this had led to some Insider stock buying a Great Sign. Do yourself and your portfolio a big favor. Look into this terrific Company. Give it some serious considerations. HSDT upgraded to Strong Buy by Thomson Reuters/Venus - HSDT , HSDT upgraded to Buy by ZACKS Investment Research - HSDT 09/22/2022 Posted from information Purposes Only. Always Invest Wisely. Caveat Emptor. H3 09/22/2022 0910 hrs pst
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