Most of you don't know this but R.B. is an Illuminati-owned "asset". In plain English, he is a "valuable slave". As such he is high-profile for a reason. At this evel of "bargain with devil success" inevitably there's some sacrifice involved (lavish lifestyle never comes exactly as 'free'). Diff celebrities have diff sacrifices depending on many diff things. And sometimes that sacrifice is of a 'blood' kind. Although he had a relatively long and prosperous life - it does not mean that his ultimate sacrifice may still not be in the works. Put simply, there's a relatively high level of chance (likelier than your potential car accident) that the RBs inaugural space flight (if it ever happens-) may actually end catastrophically. For us who study HUMAN UNIVERSE this would be a logical conclusion - or even RBs own devilish wish. If there ever is the time when RB gets to go into space, I advise the smartest of you here not to hold $SPCE shares/calls through that event. $SPY $TSLA
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