@Nomadb @Dameistro Most of us have not noticed the valuation done and TP$27 issued by Jeffries has quite a bit of discrepancy from other firms' valuation model. Take a look at box #2 showing their calculations for the projected EPS contribution in 2030. Unadjusted, Unweighted EPS contribution from each segment of business - LN,VOS and FSGS. You will be really surprised to see Jeffries considers VOS is 1.5X bigger EPS opportunity than LN. In summary, we may see TP from different firms - HCW $32, Cantor $30, LR $24, Oppenheimer $22, Jeffries thought process is something eye popping. It will be very interesting to unfold Audrey in Q4 and how these sell sides will revise their model for auph. $0 value for VOS now!
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