$PHIL if Phil signed an agreement and is posted ON THE amended 10K, it means that they are updating information. Phil filed this agreement to the SEC to ensure clarity to their investors and avoid bashers to deny it. Bashers use fake accounts to say otherwise, so they don't get prosecuted for giving false DD. So don't listen to them Losers.
@onimeatload then you guys need to learn how to read. The " exhibit" is the evidence of the document, Haj financial group is the one in charge for the loan, but of you read the post, it just needs to be approved and signed by the Central Bank of UAE to be closed. That's the wait. That day all you will cry and I'll be very happy.
@AlFa777 @onimeatload I think Im misunderstanding the "provide financing in favor to Phi Group INC.". Could you clarify that? I believed that meant the loan was coming from Haj to PHIL after the approval of transfer of funds by the CBUAE as stated in 10-K?