$WKHS Ready for another Softball 🥎 Folks!? Some Deep DD Below 👇🏻 This has been the plan since Jan 2019 when the SP was .40 cents (I bought at .75). Steve Burns had a meeting with GM (Mary Barra) when WKHS was close to Bankruptcy. Why? The Domain Name for lordstownmotors.com/ was purchased on godaddy.com/ in April 2019. Trump Tweet came out in May 2019 to sell the Lordstown Plant to Workhorse. Was stated by Burns, himself and Barra had Trump post the tweet. GM/UAW Strike.... Notice Lordstown Motors was a big issue for this strike but was never on the table. Always agreed to sell the plant. UAW/GM were in on this. Smoke n Mirrors. A lot of UAW Chairs were going to prison You let Mike Pence do a whole political campaign at your Endurance Revealing. And not state your other start-up is in the race for USPS Contract This is not hard...... Connect Dots .... USPS Contract is OURS
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