$SRNE sure you did buddy! King of perfect moves here. Such a clown who can actually believe a word you say. So when news comes shoots to $25 he’ll say he got in just before to sound cool watch
$SRNE in fairness I didn’t think it would hit $14 with the pathetic volume so I sold out at $13,89, looking to get back around $12.50, will have to gauge market tomorrow! Have a fantastic evening all, remember the more share you have at the end of the game, the bigger the prize! Control you fear and greed, and ask yourself how you can just sit back and not make 7-11% swing daily here? Even once a week, that likely 10,000% annual return! Do the math, join the posse party, don’t destroy your family y making $50,000 here in 5 years, when you can make $5,000,000 instead!💪🏿😈
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