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    BIMAL PATEL Joined Mar 27, 2011

    MBA, Entrepreneur, Protection of Capital including Profits is Priority #1. Favorite Strategy is 90%+ Probability of Success Weekly Option Credit Spread Iron Condors involving liquid underlying like AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, SPY, GLD, etc.


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      The Options Pros
      Trading Professionals Who Specialize in Live Technical and Swing Trading Alerts Inquires: | | Twitter: OptionsPros
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      Actionable Signals for Active Traders: Outside gap up list, Inside bar & up signals, Market Internals
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      Matt Weller CFA, CMT Official Account
      Senior Market Analyst w/ Faraday Investment Research. CFA & CMT Charterholder. Opinions expressed do not reflect views of my employer.
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      WhoTrades is a financial services company with offices around the world. It serves as a Social Network, Trading Academy and Brokerage Company. Welcome to WhoTrades, trade and get social!
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      Swing Alpha
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      In price actions our algorithms trust. Swing uptrend/downtrend, breakout/breakdown. Trade at your own risk.
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      CMO @agrud building simple to use, Personalized and Curated Financial News Feed
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      CFA - Prop Trader,10+ yrs exp, My team trains traders that are willing to work/study hard and become Self-Sufficient Traders. #financialfreedom Check out our FREE trading group run by active professional traders (link below)
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      Momentum Trader
      The #1 Momentum Trading Squad. Join 5000+ Traders Here!
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      marketchameleon Official Account
      Looking to provide the investing world the same tools used on wall street at a cost that will make you smile FREE
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      AlphaStreet Official Account
      AlphaStreet is a complete social ecosystem that significantly reduces the complexity and friction in making investment decisions.
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      Gold and Oil Guru
      I utilize technical analysis to trade. I look for low risk opportunities in a highly volatile commodities market. Disclaimer: The information posted is for myself. This is not by any means a recommendation for others.
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      Web based charting Platform combines TREND catching indicator TREND VIEW and Options flow (UAO,OI) Premium watch lists & Trade alerts include:Swing/day trades,Momentum stocks NEAR BUY POINT,Seasonal trades, call/put block alerts (FREE TRIAL)
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      Milton FMR
      Real time news, alerts and trading ideas. We are following the most active stocks. Follow us and we will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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      technical trader, cycles, supply/demand and volume. 10+ years experience trading stocks, commods, FX. I don't give any investment advice, and I encourage you to do your own due dill before entering any trades. I don't do direct messages, sorry!
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      It's All About The Options
      Devoted to the study of stock options flow targeting consistent entry and exit that beats the SP 500.
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      Dr. Stoxx
      Dr. Stoxx oversees 3 websites, offers 10 daily stock pick letters, private coaching and training webinars. Dr. Stoxx, aka, Dr. Thomas K. Carr, is the author of the bestsellers, "Trend Trading for a Living" and "Micro-Trend Trading for Daily Income."
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      Robert Buran
      Questions? My E-mail: I will email you my phone number. I have been a trader and TradeStation programer for 20 years. My stock trading systems are outside the box and I post them on the web every day along with a video.
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      AnalystRatingsNetwork (formerly Analyst Ratings Network) provides real-time financial information to investors at all levels.
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      InvestingHaven Official Account
      I am addicted to forecasting markets and finding unique insights, and am more than happy to share them with my followers.