If so, why is the company still offering shares as a foreign entity rather than an American based company with operations overseas. If the goal was really to de-couple from Israel, they would bring their operations in the USA where some of their directors are located ( Florida) and keep their foreign entities are subs. They would thus have to report fully in accordance with the SEC and truly open their books in order to instill trust in the American investors and access the American capital market to its fullest. Whether or not the new management has successfully cleaned house does not change the fact that this is a company operating in a rather unprofitable industry, it has a murky and greyish history, and has never earn a profit and, it constantly and consistently prints shares in order to finance its operation.
@orishasinc You need to update your info with information that the board brought Stern in to rectify the mess that was. He has done so and this company Has been on a Path Forward policy since. You are slandering this company so you can Short it for your own profit. While at the same time you you HARM not only the Company - YOU HARM THE SHAREHOLDER! For your information politics in Israel is a formidable wall. The media there are not Indifferent. They are bought as easy as politicians, even more so. There are very powerful people involved that want to control what path the company goes. To stabalize this Stern removed (SELF DELISTED) NNDM From the Israeli exchange, and consolidated to the US Nasdaq.
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