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$SPXL >> Daily Chart >> BEARISH THREE GAP UPS reversal pattern formed on Friday >> Keep an eye 👁 out for a possible cool down on Monday or Tuesday >> this is the same pattern as $SPY & $SPX >> The 100 SMA @ 88.80 is the next key 🔑 level to break & lock 🔐 in gains zone if it fails >> Definition This is a four day bearish reversal pattern. It consists of three consecutive days each gapping higher on the open. After Three Gap Ups the market becomes extremely overbought and ready for the reversal of the current uptrend. Recognition Criteria 1. The first day can be of any color. 2. The second day also can be of any color, so long as its body gaps up away from the first day’s body. 3. The last two days are white and their bodies must gap up from the bodies of the prior days. Pattern Requirements and Flexibility The first two days of the Bearish Three Gap Ups can be of any color but the last two days should be white. There must be upside body gaps between the candlesticks $SPXS
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