$PRPO not the >USD1.00 Utopian ending for the week that we all wanted but we closed just below the 50MA, comfortably traded above the VWAP for the majority of the day, RSI is reset and balanced, and we held the post-pop level after an alarming initial morning dump from people selling for a loss after chasing. Let's see if the COVID play materializes into something more tangible next week.
@NJones10259 hey, of volume stays between 300-500k news will come. The problem is why venture off in COVID testing? When supposedly MRNA is close to a vaccine, I know still needs to be a test. After the day of the spike you started a new trend bear flag on the 20D 1H imo if volume stays consistent you will gap up, analysts keep PT low they have been I really don’t care what they say but every spike it gets kicked