$BNGO ...to all the ppl who are mad that the sp is not moving on the back of this symposium, here's my take on it all.... for what it's worth anyway 😁..... Yes, we're having an outstanding symposium with equally outstanding PR, and yet the sp doesn't move. Folks, this is not Jan '01 (thank christ!) ... we are in the exact same trajectory as Jan '01, just that it's in the opposite direction 😂🙄.... which, i truly much prefer ... there are no more sellers left, the fear gauge is at its absolute highest, the algorithms have control, hence the irrationality, the unexplainable moves. NOTHING makes sense in this environment. So don't be worried about BNGO and why it's not making moves today, the company is on fire, the sp WILL reflect that in time to come , and my guess is its sooner than later - PATIENCE! ... relaaaax! It's all good, it's all very very good! 😊👍