$IFRX I'm a regular on the board off and on since the price collapse of June and have tried to post analysis about stock valuation. Based on valuation, I had reason to stay the course and that reason hasn't changed. IFRX is still an incredibly undervalued biotech business. In discussing IFRX valuation, I recall several who held for quite a spell but then allowed discouraged "feelings" trump rational valuation analysis and indicated they sold near the lows. I genuinely hate that for them -- to have hung in there just to let discouragement win in the end. One thing I dislike much on chat boards is their use for self-interested parties like short hedge funds to manipulate retailer emotion to their own end. It happens all the time. Unless one learns to value businesses by the numbers, he/she can't answer the most important tri-faceted question "WHY should I buy, or WHY should I hold, or WHY should I sell?"
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