$FCEL I believe in this company and I absolutely respect their attempt to recover. I do not think there has ever been a better time for a company like this to exist. We are facing major issues with the environment and people need to know of the alternate resources available. This technology may not be completely new, however, not many people concerned themselves with it 20 years ago. If you are reading this and you believe in FuelCell Energy as well, use your voice and get the word out! If you have a Twitter- type a note /tweet to FuelCell energy on how much you admire their efforts on making a difference ! then add '@FuelCell_Energy' so they see it !! The more people that do this, the more this boosts company morale and it is very encouraging !! Also, more of the public will become aware. We have been waiting for FCEL to release news... instead of waiting let's use our influence to gather a few more believers !! Invest in our future !! Buy and hold. Love ya'll. (repost)
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