$AVXL I don't know if Missling reaad the news that CRTX was required by the FDA to get an interim reading for their AD drug before the end of the year... FDA wants a treatment asap, Missling should seek the same from FDA here, we have everything in hand to get an interim reading also in 2020. If their drug works, and AD is mainly an infectious virus, it could be cured in 2020. 2-73 might also kill that infection, as well as SAVA drug, all by different ways. Who will be the first to market after the actual SOC, which does not work? Next drug to beat a SOC that works will have a door more difficult to open at FDA for sure. Let's accelerate things Missling, no time to lose starting from now, put pipeline timing strategy on the side and rush for a convincing reading for AD/2-73!
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