$VXRT Sanofi hum It has always struck me that the head of legal affairs at Sanofi seemingly never misses an opportunity to like the Vaxart posts as our own DD wiz Herb has pointed out several times. Just reading into it of course but you can’t help but ask why him. Why not a scientist or a operation manager or anyone else for that matter besides the guy in charge of overseeing mergers and acquisitions at Sanofi Maybe it will just be a partnership on the Flu Vaccine, but maybe it will be everything and perhaps Sanofi is the non disclosed company mentioned by Attwill, could most certainly be It’s very close to the time Andrei starts to guide the ship straight toward the Vaxart goal whatever direction that may be Soon we will know, but one thing is for sure Long before we know, the share price will be much higher than $7.20