$EBON guyz, i watched EBON trade between 7 and 9, and when it dropped to 6.80 I started buying, all the way down to 5.03, the NASD sold off and shorts went to town and I was upside down 100K on this. 5 days later it bounced to 6 and change and I was up 50k and took my profit(after being down 100k). If I held a few days more I would have made 250k. This stock is very volatile!. So I kicked myself in the ass..but then the stock came down again(did I mention how volatile it is?) Started buying at 7, then 6's, then 5's. So here I am down 60k, which sucks..but I know that..THIS STOCK IS VOLATILE. And Hindenburg is a manipulative little fuckbag! And I am 99 percent sure history will repeat as it has done several times already. So from my experience..don't panic and take a loss unless you have to..because in a week or so you could be in the money..especially with EBON..because it's what? Very Volatile!!