$OCGN I’ve only had a very strong feeling about two stocks ever. OCGN and Luckin coffee, even when people in my life were telling me I’m crazy and should sell. I kept buying both regardless of the market, news, and long wait. You know what, it’s paid off. Mark my words, holding OCGN will pay off big. I’m betting my retirement and most of liquid assets on this bet. If I’m wrong, then I’ll go down in a blaze of glory, but I don’t think I am.
@Syrian_Hamster I do have rabbits. They evacuated with me, the poor guys were stuck in a play pin since 29Aug. My coworker admitted to leaving his rabbit outside during the hurricane, then taking off. I offered to take him, but was told my concern was verging on harassment. They are able to do what they want with with their animal. Bronco is a long wait, I test drove this beauty before the storm.