$EVFM A solid update. We have entered the beginning of a successful roadmap. The past is the past. They currently have an achievable plan, that makes sense, and they are executing it. Brand awareness will not be a problem. Money has a great path with a combo of exponential sales and up front partnership money this quarter. The only two huge hurdles, which they undoubtedly know are vital to enormous success are addressing complete insurance coverage (ACA approval or equivalent) and a solid plan for Baker Bro’s covenants. As stupid as many think they are, this is common knowledge, and when those boxes are checked, and they will be checked, the floodgates will open. Scipts will be above 3,000 this week, then expect pullbacks along the way, as staggered and incremental marketing pushes created rises and drops in sales numbers. This is very natural. The important aspects are the trailing average chart continues to point up and refills continue to rise. We look great in both right now.