$JCP Since filing BK, we never had more than four green days in a row. So if we close green today AND tomorrow, then it'll be some sort of indicator that we are indeed in an uptrend. The two rallies that we had beginning of June and beginning of September gave investor a 3.7x and 4.3x return assuming one can buy at the low and sell at the high (highly unlikely, just using this as a gauge) The current rally we are in is a little different, whereas in the past the rally usually goes up with large volume (>100M). The past four trading sessions have been very steady with around 40M volume. Using the past two rallies as our base, if this current rally gets us 5x, then it will peak around 40cents. And at the rate this share price is increasing, it will reach there before the Sales Confirmation 11/24. It will be interesting to say the least.
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