Day 13 Small Account NOV Huge red day. I opened up green with 3k + profit and got cocky and left my losers run and winners cut short... need to dissect my profit taking areas. Closed: $MSFT -73 $TWLO -840 (this lottos trade went to shit...) $ZM + 1,400 (of course I cut my runners short and left bagging my losers...) OPEN TRADE: SWINGS $KNDI -725 (1.10 20c Dec18) $NET -304 (103 70x nov27) $TSLA (7.15 550c 27NOV) ^ this a hard swing.. lol DAY PnL: +1,992.00 OPEN PnL: -2,327.00 Starting Balance: $3500 Current Balance: + 7,151.21 Trades Taken: 53 Winning Trades: 22 Losing Trades: 31 Open Positions: 3