$ABEO TOP INSTITUTIONAL Holders and TOP MUTUTAL FUNDS Holders who invest in ABEO to earn money! All these current Institutional investors are investing in ABEO, and they do it not to lose money, but because they see a good investment opportunity to make money! (See more information about ABEO at r/ABEO_Investors) TOP INSTITUTIONAL HOLDERS: Adage Capital Partners Vanguard Group Knoll Capital Management JP Morgan Chase & Company Blackrock Morgan Stanley Geode Capital Management Millennium Management Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft TOP MUTUAL FUND HOLDERS: Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund Highland Fds I-Highland Healthcare Opportunities Fd Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund Legg Mason Global Asset Mgt Tr-QS US Small Cap Equity iShares Micro Cap ETF Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund-Small Company Growth Fidelity Total Market Index Fund Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund