$CVM More than 51.1% Shorted on Wednesday!! It seems that the desperate shorts are trying very hard with all their manipulations. On Wednesday, an unbelievable 51.1% of the daily traded shares (as reported by FINRA) have been shorted — I wonder what the SEC is busy with!! This led to the total short interest of 8.9 million shares (21.5% of the float)!! With all the facts and clarifications that we got in the latest Letter to Shareholders and the information nicely summarised in the fact sheet below (see link), it should just be a matter of time until Multikine will be approved by the FDA and the heavy manipulation by the shorts will come to an end (just wait until we get some real volume) after all those years they have been attacking Cel-Sci. Once the shorts will start to cover their 8.9 million shares, we are going to witness the most EPIC SHORT SQUEEZE! I am so happy for all the cancer patients who will soon be able to profit from Multikine! GLTAL!! cel-sci.com/wp-content/uplo...