$CYTR if you are new here, please analyze the potential of this company. They have 3 assets: 2 licensed drug candidates (Arimoclomol and Aldoxorubicin), 1 private company with second generation candidate drug (Centurion BioPharma with evolution of Aldoxorubicin technique). Arimoclomol allone, is capable to bring the stock price of Cytr into the 3 digit area. Some here will say around $50. I think low 3 digit is a possibility. Aldoxorubicin is at least $25 - $30 if it substitutes Doxorubicin 1:1. But because Aldoxorubicin has no lifetime maximal dosage, like Doxorubicin has, I would say Aldoxorubicin should sell 3- 5 times more then Doxorubicin, which is worth another 3 digit value. Centurion is worth even more, once it is fully developed, but I skip this part now. Bottom end - a target of $100+ is medium to low level estimation in my opinion.