$GRASIM.NSE grew over 4x in the 2020-21 rally from 380 - 1930 in the form of an Impulse and is currently undergoing a pullback correction. While it peaked with the rest of the Market, one bright aspect about Grasim was that there was barely any volume distribution that happened around its peak. Hence, the price correction is only expected to be shallow in nature, though we can't really negotiate much on the time part of the correction as it can stretch until a few more months. For the coming period, it's expected to oscillate between 1650 - 1800 on the upper end and 1200 - 1000 on the lower end, post which we can have a fresh Impulse upwards in the stock that can approximately and conservatively take it to a Target of 3000+ levels over the next few years. #ElliottWave