$XSPA I just got in at .88 and trying to buy more on Tuesday. Only 113 shares right now, I only started trading about a month ago. Hopefully I'll be a " Thousandaire" before long! :)
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@DavePell My best advice to any new trader is, do your research and hold long term. Constant flipping tends to be very risky. Many lose everything that way. Be an investor not a gambler. I am 57, retired with a stock portfolio in the millions.i rarely invest in penny stocks, but I saw/see great long term rewards in this company. I am already up over $130,000 on $XSPA with my 200,000 shares from 0.24. If I needed the money I would have sold already. This is just a small fraction of my investments. Just hold and have patience. Long term which is anything owned over 1 year. Less capital gains taxes when you take profits. I hate paying taxes.
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