@Pennydelic @linjacob888 @MEANSTREAK713 @crenshaw10 @Bullishriders @Json757 @DogDaze1 @kscpgwk @slaze @Wisteria2020 @pickleman773 @Littlekingdm45 @tweeeetybird @E0129696 I won’t be expressing this on the main board of SNSS. On the wave up after this consolidation, I will be on a defense move which is to sell and buy back later. I didn’t like how I was caught on the R/S, and I have a feeling the smart money will pull the rug just like in IMMU (see chart in the middle @$13 plus then it crashed, then they picked it back up then went higher than before and much higher cause of the B/O. I’m not saying this crash will happen. I will buy back in cause my chart does indicate SNSS likelihood of a B/O.
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