$NVAX CEPI funding + additional stock sale = big things coming. Clearly Novavax is preparing for mass production. They diluted shares couple months ago and look what happened - Shorts got burned then and will get burned again soon. NVAX will continue to rise all year, save your trades and maximize on long term capital gain tax. This will jump fast, not worth the short. Keep in mind quarter 2 earnings and phase 2 announcements are right around the corner. Not only will they provide an update on covid19 vaccine but also there plans to push Nano flu globally, which is FDA fast tracked approved and the best in the market. Looking for June-July to take us above $100. Oh ya, Bill gates foundation is also funding NVAX. The writing is on the wall. ‪ There is a reason why CEPI is a strong believer in NVAX and it’s matrix-m adjuvant technology. https://cepi.net/news_cepi/cepi-extends-collaboration-with-novavax-to-advance-development-and-manufacture-of-covid-19-vaccine/‬
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