$MRNA $ABUS Post 2 of 2 Besides the sweeping scope of the release, notice some interesting phrases, potentially for legal reasons. * para. 1: ... a clinical stage biotechnology company **pioneering** messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines * para. 1 under "About Moderna’s Prophylactic Vaccines Modality": Clinical data demonstrate that Moderna’s **proprietary** vaccine technology ... * para. 1 under "About Moderna": The company’s platform **builds on continuous advances** in basic and applied mRNA science, That's their legal strategy: establishing not only originality but also a continuum of scientific inquiry. They innovate within that continuum. If you're an ABUS lawyer, this reads to you as: "we're willing to work with you on a reasonable -- but small -- one-time payment, without admitting liability; however, you're not getting royalties unless you take us to court -- and you'll have to prove that your research enabled the totality of ALL that we've accomplished."