$SPY $QQQ God bless The Master, Charlie McElligott, whom I do love to quote. You all thought we had a fun relief rally, driven by, you know, more buyers than sellers? Au contraire, motha fockas! Here's how my main man Charlie McE describes it: “delta positive dynamics of hedge monetization, resumption of Vol selling, and downside puts going OTM [which] further feed the virtuous cycle where rVol resets lower, and leads to lagged re-allocation / re-leveraging thereafter from systematic Risk Control and Target Vol strats.” Yup, that's exactly -- eggs act lee! -- how I woulda put it. LMFAO. Modern markets' all-time best diagnostician of systematic flows with a mike-drop moment right there. Charlie McE, Super-Genius. Markets going higher. And that's good 'cuz they still owe me $100k. B*tch better have ma money. heisenbergreport.com/2021/1... cc: @MZel @thebluejay @Riggg @holdingbags @Vol888 @StonkWhiz @RosannaTrades