@MacN09 I think so. Bulls in control still IMO. I have been in since the first week of uplisting, I averaged up once for a realized total average of 2.56, but I sold 2/3 of my position at 8.65 today. Keeping the 1/3 in case it spikes in the premarket or at the open. There is a very small gap that needs to fill between yesterday and today at 5.75 so it should fill that at some point, see the photo. But the upside is that the volume just kicked in and we were at only 2000 watchers on Monday. This ticker just got options last week. FOMO can do crazy things. My personal plan is to sell the rest tomorrow if it gets crazy. If it gets shorted down then I still have that core 1/3 position to keep a low average. This stock is not a pump and dump, they will succeed, but it it now starting to attract day traders so play it accordingly. I'm hoping to reload around that gap but hopefully not before one more spike. GL!