$LK so if we deduct all that fraud bs.. is there really nothing worth and valuable left of the company? "Leaving aside the fraud, the figures that are available suggest that Luckin Coffee never had a viable business model," Zolidis told MarketWatch on Thursday. "The company grew too fast and acquired customers via promotional offers, without ever proving the economics." To Zolidis' point, Luckin Coffee has failed to generate sustained operating profits during its short life as a public company -- and with its mounting losses, it's possible it could descend into bankruptcy before it's ever able to do so. This is just from fool.com/investing/2020/05/... I am just trying to figure out how big that damage is and how much is actually left of the company. I don’t think that the cost to keep all those shops and the business up and running can be covered with their honest results short-/mid-term. This may take a while.. but I want gains now 😭😭 😜😜 What do you think?