@Tukkes30 @mikefan10 This is another laughable short-seller report was written about UAVS, and it benefits the writer, Bonitas Research. You've heard of short-selling firms. Citron. Hindenburg. Etc. All you need to know about Bonitas can be found in a report including court action in the Singapore High Court against Bonitas and its founder, Matthew Wiechert, for defamation: Info on the defamation suit here: nextinsight.net/story-archi... And another here: farmonline.com.au/story/662... KEEP IN MIND: As you sell, you are giving your hard-earned money to this man. Go make a tea instead of handing your shares to this man, simply because he wrote a report about the stock you hold. BONUS: Check out ACTUAL news from AgEagle posted today: twitter.com/FarmDrones/stat... 3 B's: Buy the bounce. Block the shorts. Breathe. πŸ™‚