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StockTwits Builds Self-Sustaining Social Network


Thu, Dec 07 - The power of the StockTwits platform lies in its community. Varying opinions and levels of experience make researching and comparing different stoc... more

How StockTwits is Building Upon its Social Platform for Millennials


Tue, Oct 10 - StockTwits, a social media platform that lets investors and traders share their ideas, is taking on a more strategic direction after bringing in Ia... more

A company that's trying to teach millennial 'noobies' how to invest is growing like crazy


Wed, Sep 06 - While apps and roboadvisors have flooded the market to help make investing easier, truly understanding your investments can still be tricky for tho... more

Finance Apps Have A Millennial Mobile Moment


Mon, Aug 14 - The first wave of banking and fintech apps got high marks for delivering features that allowed time-crunched users to tackle important tasks. But t... more

With acquisition of SparkFin, StockTwits grows platform for younger active investors


Wed, Jan 18 - StockTwits announced today that it is acquiring investment research and discovery platform, SparkFin. Active investors use SparkFin’s website and a... more

StockTwits, Inc. Names Media and Fintech Veteran Ian Rosen CEO


Wed, Jul 06 - Social finance community StockTwits, Inc. announced today that it has named media and financial technology veteran Ian Rosen as Chief Executive Off... more

The Top 3 Fastest-Rising FinTech Portfolio Management Startups


Wed, Nov 18 - StockTwits is listed as one of the best apps to help you manage your portfolio. more

StockTwits drives 3X the traffic than Twitter for shareholder communications


Wed, Nov 12 - A study on how StockTwits cashtag streams drive 3x more traffic than Twitter. more

Cash Tagging in on Social Media


Fri, Jun 20 - The increase use of Twitter and other social media to provide stock tips to investors is giving rise to a new class of analysis and scrutiny of the... more

Top 14 startups based in San Diego, California


Fri, Jun 13 - 1. StockTwits (the number one pick) StockTwits is a social network, offering micro blogging services that provide real-time feed on stocks. It’s a... more

Thomson Reuters: 2013 Annual Review


Mon, Apr 14 - The latest release of the Thomson Reuters Eikon desktop delivers the financial information, exclusive news and intuitive analytics that our custome... more

Social Media and the Markets: The Coming of Age


Mon, Apr 07 - In this whitepaper, we look at updates in academic research, consider the lag between the growth of social media analytics in the financial service... more

Will Real-Time Commentary on CNBC Be Outdone by StockTwits?


Thu, Feb 06 - Yesterday afternoon, shortly after 4:00pm, I watched two CNBC reporters, Julia Boorstin and John Fortt, try to walk the network's television audien... more

Top Tweets From Stocktoberfest 2013


Wed, Oct 23 - Aside from the event itself, many took to Twitter to discuss and engage with the #Stocktoberfest. more

StockTwits Stocktoberfest: What Next for Google and Apple?


Mon, Oct 21 - We just received this dispatch from Barron’s technician Michael Kahn, who attended the Stocktoberfest conference in San Diego run by Stocktwits. more

Ditto Trade teams up with Stock Twits for online investing


Mon, May 13 - Chicago-based online brokerage Ditto Trade has partnered with online investment community StockTwits on a new feature that allows users to attach t... more

Stocktoberfest: Where startups and Wall Street actually get along


Mon, Oct 29 - The conference reflected the many identities of StockTwits, as well as Lindzon’s identity as an advocate of the San Diego startup scene, active a... more

StockTwits: Howard Lindzon takes stock talk to new level


Mon, Oct 22 - He doesn’t pay attention to Bloomberg or read The Wall Street Journal. But you’d better pay attention to Howard Lindzon. The man is changing th... more

Life after Twitter: StockTwits builds out its own ecosystem - The Verge


Tue, Sep 18 - As Twitter transforms from an open web platform to a more traditional media company, startups that built on top of it are leaving in search of new ... more

Howard Lindzon on CNBC


Fri, Aug 03 - StockTwits CEO Howard Lindzon on CNBC discussing Twitter and the $ Cashtag more

StockTwits Fully Integrates Chart.ly to Bring its Users a Killer Stream of Data


Fri, Jul 27 - Sometimes two services really are a match made in heaven. Both StockTwits and social charting service Chart.ly were founded by Howard Lindzon, and ... more

The Institutional Investor Tech 50


Tue, Jul 24 - The Institutional Investor Tech 50 stand out for their vision and agility in translating innovation into operational and competitive advantage. Ho... more

As social tech shakes up finance, StockTwits relaunches with focus on real-time, curation


Tue, Jun 26 - “The walls are coming down,” says Lindzon. “The banks are reaching out to discuss best practices….The acceptance phase is upon us.” more

Reimagining Finance: StockTwits


Mon, Jun 11 - StockTwits, which has a new beta design that will feature in this post, is often referred to as a "social investing" site. It enables investors to ... more

StockTwits and PR Newswire Partnership Further Validates Financial Social Media


Fri, Jun 08 - Last week’s news that StockTwits and PR Newswire are joining forces represents a huge opportunity for B2B social media and financial communications. more

StockTwits Gets More Interactive With Conversations


Thu, Feb 16 - StockTwits Gets More Interactive With Conversations more

Two Names You Should Know: "StockTwits" and "MarketBrief"


Thu, Feb 16 - Two Names You Should Know: "StockTwits" and "MarketBrief" more

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies - Top 10 in Finance


Mon, Feb 13 - http://www.fastcompany.com/ more

StockTwits Enables Public Companies to Publish News on the Yahoo! Finance Site


Fri, Dec 09 - Financial communications company StockTwits yesterday announced a new product called Direct... more

StockTwits Adds TSX Firms


Thu, Nov 17 - StockTwits announced this morning that it has added support for Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) companies on its service... more

Live Tweeting Becomes a Fixture of Earnings Season


Tue, Aug 16 - Over the past several weeks, dozens of companies have added a new feature to their normally mundane quarterly financial reporting ritual... more

StockTwits Makes IR a Social Affair


Wed, Jun 08 - StockTwits officially launched a suite of services to help companies manage their presence on the site and across other social networks... more

StockTwits Continues To Expand, Steals VP David Putnam From Yahoo Finance


Tue, Mar 29 - StockTwits Continues To Expand, Steals VP David Putnam From Yahoo Finance more

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